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  1. post any listing related to illegal subject matter
  2. submit or claim listing and/or listings that do not belong to you;
  3. post a listing that contains propaganda statements and/or claims
  4. use pictures which contains digital watermarks belonging to other than the name of the advertising agent and/or any of his or her contact details;
  5. post a price differently than of what agreed between the you and
  6. post a listing that infringes directly or indirectly the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan or any other International Laws
  7. post a listing as is not available for sale, rent or any other reasons pertaining transaction of a particular property
  8. post more than one property per advertisement listing, be it in the title or body of the advertisement
  9. Post content that is defamatory, pornographic, indecent, harassing, abusive, or fraudulent or that is purposely false or misleading
  10. Post related any property which is in litigation or stay by court is prohibited
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