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Property051 has been setting standards in supporting new talent and is dedicated to uplifting Pakistan's future because we think talent should never go unappreciated. The real estate market is always developing and shifting. Leading real estate agents should be acknowledged for their persistence and effort. The real estate industry offers countless reasons to celebrate, from employees and advisors to commercial and residential buildings.

Pakistan's First ever Real Estate YouTube Awards:

Continuing the tradition of setting new trends in the real estate sector. Property051 is thrilled to announce Pakistan’s first real estate YouTube Award show.
Over the past few years, YouTube has been the real estate sector’s most important means of communication with its customers. This award show will be the first opportunity to recognize the services of outstanding creators in this field.

We believe in our future; we believe in you!

Property051 aims to bring top real estate creators and give them the acknowledgment they deserve. These awards will create a competitive environment among successful YouTubers.

The achievers for the award show will be chosen from the following categories:

  • Whose Vlogs got the most views?
  • who got the most subscribers?
  • Other than that, who is making real estate a sign of continuity in Vlogging?
  • who got the most responses from viewers?

All will be revealed at the award ceremony of the Real Estate YouTube Awards Show.

Real Estate YouTube Awards

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